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2018 Tentative Show Schedule:
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Please note that this schedule contains NRC & CHA approved events, events awaiting approval, as well as other area events. NRC & CHA approved events are shown in bold.
Sept. 28, 29, 30 NRC&CHA Cutting Spectacular, Fernley, NV
August 24, 25, 26 2018 Elko Nevada Stallion Stakes


CUTTING: Open – Non Pro - $50,000 Amateur - $25,000 Novice - $5,000 Novice - $35,000 Non Pro - $15,000 Amateur - $25,000 Novice Non Pro - $5,000 Novice Non Pro - $2,000 Limit Rider – Junior Youth -  Senior Youth - $2500 Novice – Open Derby – Non Pro Derby -5/6 Open - 5/6 NonPro
COW HORSE: Open Snaffle Bit - Open Hackamore - Open Bridle - Green Bridle - Open Two Rein - Non Pro Two Rein - Non Pro Snaffle Bit/Hackamore - Non Pro Bridle - Non Pro Limited - Youth Bridle Horse

We will be awarding a saddle to the highest combined qualified money winner in the $35KNP, $15KAM and $2K Limited Rider classes. We will also be awarding a saddle to the highest qualified money winner of the $50K AM class as well this year.

All owners and riders showing in an NRC & CHA produced show must be current members. To be eligible for year end awards: CUTTERS must show in 50% of the NRC & CHA approved shows – COW HORSE RIDERS must show in 50% of the NRC & CHA produced shows to be eligible for year end awards.

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